For employers

We mainly offer staff within hotels and restaurants. All our staff have documented previous experience and speak English.


We recruit based on the client's needs

Together with the client, we create a needs analysis and create a profile of the intended candidate. Based on this data, we go through our database and contact our local partners to find suitable candidates. The prospective candidates will be interviewed by us. We then conduct a final interview together with the client. This is so that both parties get as good an idea of ​​each other as possible. Throughout the employment period, we are always available to both parties.


Benefits of hiring staff

• Time-saving, as the entire recruitment process is placed with us

• Guaranteed qualified staff

• Time-contracted staff, with a fixed start and end date, which creates predictability.

• Flexible staff who want to work as much as possible and have few requests for extra time off

• Reduced administration, as we handle salary payments and tax payments